What Is Web Hosting and Why Do I Need It?

Web hosting is the service of keeping a website online. Just as a smartphone requires a monthly voice and data plan in order to function as it was intended, a website needs to be hosted somewhere in order to be accessible to the public.

A website is made up of files (documents and images) that are downloaded and viewed on a web browser whenever someone wants to access that site. In order for a website to be functional, these files must be kept on a server.

A server is a computer that is connected to the backbone of the Internet, and is configured to display websites and transmit e-mail. Servers often have specialized hardware installed, such as dual processors, multiple hard drives, or a large amount of RAM (memory), and have a variety of software applications installed that allow it to handle the unique requirements of websites.

In addition to maintaining the accessibility of your website, hosting services typically includes e-mail, databases, SSL encryption for e-commerce, and automated backup of your website in the event of a server outage. The features and cost of a hosting account will vary depending upon your needs, including the amount of file space required, the number of visits to your site each month, and the level of technical support you want. Some hosting companies have only a few packages to select from, while others offer custom hosting plans designed to more closely match a client's needs.

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