Why Do I Need a Logo?

Although most entrepreneurs are too busy establishing their business to spend time on marketing, there is one essential step that must be taken before you do anything else. Your business needs a logo.

Why do you need a logo? Once your company has a name, it needs an identity, and that's where your logo comes in. A logo serves the following vital purposes:

  • It helps people identify and remember your company.
  • It conveys professionalism.
  • It gives your business a personality.
  • It helps build trust.

In other words, a logo can save you time and money by giving you a head-start in marketing your business. The opposite is also true: having multiple logos or no logo at all requires you to spend more time and effort promoting, in effect, several different companies. Therefore, it's absolutely essential to create and use a single logo that will identify your company on all your equipment, documents and marketing materials.

When designing a logo, or hiring a logo designer to do it for you, it helps to keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Your logo should be simple so it's easier to print and understand.
  • It helps for the colors to be solid and for the edges to be crisp, so it looks good in print or at a low resolution.
  • The logo should be created in a vector graphics application such as Adobe Illustrator, so it can be resized for use on anything from a business card to a billboard.
  • It should not be disproportionately large, small, wide or tall.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your logo will become the centerpiece of your identity. Once your logo is finalized, you can then turn your attention to other components of your brand identity, including brochures, signage, letterhead, your website, and other marketing communications.

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