Cincinnati E-Commerce Development

One of the fastest growing uses of the Internet is electronic commerce, through the secure exchange and processing of credit card information. Unfortunately, the cost of creating and maintaining an e-commerce website can be staggering. Because of our experience and the comprehensive set of Cincinnati e-commerce solutions we offer, however, Midwest New Media can make it attainable – and affordable – for your business.

Work Examples

Klosterman Baking Company
Client: Klosterman Baking Company
Solution: Online ordering system for fresh delivery customers

Midwest Diamond Distributors
Client: Midwest Diamond Distributors
Solution: Custom shopping cart system

SonLight Power
Client: SonLight Power
Solution: Custom fundraising and donation system

AmSpirit Business Connections
Client: AmSpirit Business Connections
Solution: Member information management and dues payment form

Custom E-Commerce Development

Midwest New Media can provide your organization with an e-commerce infrastructure suited specifically to your needs. Most solutions fall within one of the following categories:

  • Fully functional, custom-built shopping carts
  • Implementation of an existing shopping cart application, such as osCommerce or Zen Cart
  • One-page order forms, for sites offering a limited number of products
  • Donation forms
  • Subscription systems for membership site

At Midwest New Media, we realize that time is of the essence. Thanks to our extensive experience with e-commerce, your solution can be set up in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months.

Shopping Cart Features

Our feature-rich shopping cart sites come with a variety of built-in and optional features, allowing nearly all types of businesses and organizations to sell their products online. All stores include a secure shopping cart, automatic calculation of shipping charges, quantity discounts for customers ordering in bulk, sales tax for in-state purchases, and much more. You can also customize your store with informational pages, order notification e-mails, and product promotions, and other features to help bring your customers back again and again.

In addition, our Cincinnati e-commerce solutions allow our clients to manage product pricing, edit product and category information, retrieve and print orders, and view customer information.

For a full list of features, please contact our office at (513) 742-9150 or send us an e-mail.

Credit Card Processing

When selling online, you have the option of capturing credit card information for manual processing, or processing payments automatically and in real-time. The latter requires a merchant account – typically available through your bank – and an account with an online payment gateway. As an affiliate of Authorize.Net, the leading payment gateway service, Midwest New Media can help guide you through this process.

Requirements and Costs of Custom E-Commerce Solutions

The cost of implementing a custom-built e-commerce website is incurred as a one-time development fee, usually split into two payments (one before and one after completion of the site). Rather than paying upwards of several hundreds of dollars in monthly fees, our managed e-commerce hosting accounts start at only $30 per month. This service includes database hosting, e-mail services, a unique IP address, hosting for the non-shopping portion of your site, and technical support. Other typical costs include domain name registration, the purchase of an SSL certificate, and your merchant/gateway account fees.

Although we specialize in creating e-commerce sites from the ground up, in most cases we can integrate online shopping into an existing site, even if the site is being hosted and managed by another provider.

Once the e-commerce implementation phase of a project is complete, we will instruct the client on how to retrieve orders and administer the site. The online store can then be maintained entirely by the client, with no programming knowledge required – it's as simple as that!

We're Here for You

Breaking into the world of online sales can be a difficult and time-consuming endeavour, but for those who have the commitment, a superior website, and Midwest New Media on your side, the sky is the limit! We work with companies in Cincinnati and throughout the United States to implement effective e-commerce solutions.

To learn more about what is involved in building an e-commerce site, or to request an estimate, please request a proposal or call our office at (513) 742-9150.

Please tell us about your project (scope, deadline, budget, questions, etc.) and we'll follow up ASAP, usually within one business day.