What Makes Us Different

As a small firm with big agency talent, Midwest New Media offers the perfect blend of technical expertise, creative vision, and operational efficiency.

In our early days, we worked primarily with small companies and sole proprietors who wanted the best for themselves but had limited budgets. In fact, many of our first clients came to us with mediocre websites, because they could only afford to hire someone with limited experience—typically a student, friend, or relative—or a design company that gave only a minimal effort.

We knew that there had to be a better way. It shouldn't cost a fortune to build a website that gets results.

The Difference: Efficiency

As we gained experience, we learned that the best way to serve our growing and diverse client base was to be more efficient than our competition. Talent doesn't come cheap, but how you use that talent makes all the difference in the world.

This commitment to efficiency has become the cornerstone of how we do business, and has allowed us to develop a unique methodology centered around three principles:

  • Define the purpose of every project. The purpose of building a website should be to accomplish one or more business objectives—not to make something that simply looks nice.
  • Design clean, useable websites. We strive to do nothing more or less than what is needed to satisfy the site's purpose and create a positive user experience.
  • Avoid doing things twice. Over the last decade we've developed a comprehensive system aimed at eliminating the duplication of effort. For example:
    • We use small development teams for each project. Typically this means one designer and one developer, and no wasted hours devoted to unnecessary meetings.
    • Time spent on project management is kept to a minimum. In most cases, projects are overseen by a senior designer or developer, not a salesperson.
    • Our team uses highly efficient design and programming methods, refined during the process of creating hundreds of websites for satisfied clients.
    • When building a new website, we take the time to ensure that future updates and additions can be made easily and quickly. This also gives us the ability to redesign a site without having to rebuild every page.
    • Our extensive code library enables us to focus on design and strategy, rather than spending our time doing the same programming work over and over again.

This methodology allows us to reduce our clients' costs while delivering the kind of quality that more expensive design agencies offer. In many cases, we're able to save our clients 50% or more in comparison to other top agencies.

Where We Fit In

From our offices in Cincinnati, we work with companies nationwide that need the kind of specialized service and personal attention that many larger firms don't offer, as well as the reliability and versatility that freelance web developers can't match.

Most importantly, we help our clients make money—not by being cheaper, but by being smarter and faster.

Free Download

Please tell us about your project (scope, deadline, budget, questions, etc.) and we'll follow up ASAP, usually within one business day.