E-mail Marketing

Did you know that e-mail marketing generates an ROI of $48.34 for every dollar spent on it? 1

E-mail is perhaps the most effective way to build and maintain customer loyalty via the Internet. Unfortunately, it is usually misused or overlooked by most businesses.

A well designed, informative e-mail newsletter can be a valuable asset to organizations looking for ways to stay in touch with, and on the minds of, their customers. Although a wide variety of newsletter products and services are available, most of them offer little flexibility with respect to design customization. This begs the question:

Why settle for a cookie-cutter e-newsletter?

Midwest New Media's proprietary e-newsletter system, SendStorm, allows organizations to reach their target audience without compromising on quality and visual identity. Here's how it works.

Barresi's Italian Restaurant
Client: Barresi's Italian Restaurant
Solution: Custom e-newsletter template with SendStorm e-mail publishing service

  • Each newsletter is custom designed to meet the client's specifications and branding guidelines.
  • This design template is incoporated into SendStorm's web-based administrative interface.
  • The client can log into the administrative interface to edit their newsletter, manage multiple recipient lists, and view statistics on previous newsletter blasts.
  • Newsletters can be sent with the click of a button.
  • Past newsletters are stored in an archive, which can be made available on the company's website.

The first step of any e-newsletter campaign is to build a subscriber list. We can provide assistance with this as well.

  • Existing customer information can be imported as the basis for the subscriber list.
  • New subscribers can be added automatically via a sign-up form or newsletter opt-in checkbox on the client's website.
  • For companies with a physical location, such as restaurants, it's often a good idea to have a sign-up sheet accessible to anyone who walks in or makes a purchase.

An effective e-newsletter campaign requires effort and attention, but Midwest New Media can eliminate all the hassles so that you can focus on promoting your business. If you're serious about talking to your customers, talk to us today about SendStorm.

1 Jupiter Research; represents data from 2007.

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